Leadership Opportunities


The Alabama School Nutrition Association (ASNA) offers various leadership opportunities for individuals who are interested in contributing to the field of school nutrition in Alabama. ASNA is affiliated with the School Nutrition Association (SNA) and aims to promote the well-being of students through quality nutrition programs. Here are some potential leadership opportunities within the ASNA:

  • Executive Board Positions: ASNA has an executive board composed of various officers, including a President, President-elect, Vice president, Secretary, and At- Large Director. These positions are typically elected by ASNA members and involve responsibilities such as setting the organization's goals, representing ASNA at meetings and events, and overseeing the association's activities.
  • Committee Leadership: ASNA has various committees that focus on specific areas of school nutrition, such as Public Policy & Legislation, Professional Development, Membership, and Social Media. Serving as a committee chair or member allows you to have a direct impact on these areas and contribute to ASNA's mission.
  • Regional Representatives: ASNA even has Regional Directors who serve as liaisons between the local chapters and the state organization. This role involves coordinating activities, sharing information, and representing the interests of their region within ASNA.
  • Advocacy and Legislative Initiatives: ASNA often engages in advocacy efforts to support school nutrition programs in Alabama. You can take on leadership roles in advocating for school nutrition policies at the local, state, or national level.
  • Event Planning and Coordination: ASNA hosts events, conferences, and educational programs throughout the year. Leadership roles in planning and coordinating these events, including conferences and workshops, offer an opportunity to contribute to the association's educational efforts.
  • Educational Presentations: If you have expertise in school nutrition, you can become a presenter or speaker at ASNA events, sharing your knowledge and insights with fellow members.

By actively participating and taking on leadership roles within the Alabama School Nutrition Association, you can contribute to the improvement of school nutrition programs in the state and make a positive impact on students' well-being.

Currently, ASNA is holding Officer Elections for the 2024-2025 school year. View the candidate profiles below.